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A Servant Leader

Born to a working class family in Chicago, Illinois, Demetrius Rucker was raised to always work hard and value faith and family. He put these values to action when he joined the army at 18 to serve his country and be apart of something bigger than himself. During his 25 year military career, Demetrius served in leadership positions domestically and abroad in Germany, Korea, and Iraq. Starting in 2003, Demetrius lead troops in 3 combat deployments to Iraq and courageously fought for his country. He then worked as a head army recruiter for 14 years, helping young men and women join the military. Demetrius has 2 sons, has his Bachelors degree and is currently working on his MBA, is apart of the Kappa Lamdda Chi military fraternity, and is currently engaged to his fiance, Leslie. Demetrius has resided in Henry County for a number of years, and currently lives in McDonough.

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